Robin Szemeti [[EMAIL PROTECTED]] quoth:
*>I think you are getting confused between my comments about the desire
*>to learn CGI by 'normal' people ( where I reckon that these people are
*>already in the top few % of the pile) with my comments about the
*>population in general .. who err .. 'function on a slightly lower level'.

:) I think you are missing my point here. The plumber who is skilled in a
trade probably thinks you are an idiot when you manage to mangle your own
pipes and have to call him to fix it for you. 

Everyone is someone elses idiot, some are just moreso than others :)

*>I thought thats what I was saying too ... I'd disagree with the 95% ..
*>I'd say 99% .. plus. The good code is prfessionally written ... and
*>mostly not out there on display .. you have to buy it!

No, there wasn't even something I could buy for it sadly. It's a simple
CGI, I would have paid $15 for a quickie 'here's your simple cgi just plug
in your variables here' code. 

If I wanted Java or PHP however, I could take my pick or reasonably
quickly useful stuff. I didn't have the same results for Perl it is just
not out there or my standards are too high and I was looking in the wrong


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