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> Well, this particular one was 65 years old, a consultant to world leaders
> in Economic affairs and was completely baffled by the advent of a new
> laptop. He had better things to worry about than learning something as
> trivial and insignificant to life on the planet earth than CGI. Almost
> anyone other than Webheads have better things to do than learn CGI. It
> doesn't make them stupid, in fact, I'd almost argue that they are the
> bright ones.

WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS SAYING ...  (in big letters just to make sure
:) stunningly bright but experience in a different field .. understood.
but still one of the (very) bright ones.

I think you are getting confused between my comments about the desire
to learn CGI by 'normal' people ( where I reckon that these people are
already in the top few % of the pile) with my comments about the
population in general .. who err .. 'function on a slightly lower level'.

> *>'regex' so ... oh I dunno .. yes its crap perl, yes its not a great work
> *>on CGI .. but it probably achieves what it set out to do, give basic
> *>knowledge to someone who only wnats to spend two lunchtimes on a bit of
> *>CGI for their home page.
> Which is probably about 95% of the planet. Why should they care if the
> Perl is shoddy? The web page works :) I went hunting for a quickie DBI/CGI
> tutorial/template/code I could steal last December and I can pretty much
> vouch for there being zip in that category out there on the web for the
> new and the lazy to take and learn from. It's disappointing.

I thought thats what I was saying too ... I'd disagree with the 95% ..
I'd say 99% .. plus. The good code is prfessionally written ... and
mostly not out there on display .. you have to buy it!

> *>I dunno .. I guess there is the 'type this in like this' level and there
> *>is the full blown 'buy a copy of Programming Perl' approach I dont see
> *>much middle ground. 
> It's hard to write such a book.

yup .. 

right see you lot at the meeting tonite, then .. im off to Switzerland :))

Robin Szemeti

The box said "requires windows 95 or better"
So I installed Linux!

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