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>> > If all else fails I'll be raiding Matts script archive ;)
>>Walking round PC World yesterday (nice to look at things then buy them £50
>>cheaper online :) ) and spotted a Perl Book written by Matt Wright, with a
>>CD including many scripts from his site. What made even more amused was that
>>there was a whacking great recommendation to buy it, blazoned across the
>>top, from the one and only Randal Schwartz. Hmmmmm....
>I bought this book a couple of years ago with the plan to write a damning 
>criticism of it. Never had the time tho'. Maybe someday...
>Randal says that his comments were quoted out of context and that it was 
>the last time he accepted payment for commenting on a book.

If anyone is interested the web site for the book is at:

Randal's comment is:

This book should definitely be on your shelf for ready-to-run programs and
inspiration for your own custom programs.

According to the website Randal Schwartz is co-author of 'Programming in
Perl', has anyone seen this book, is it any good?


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