Dave Cross <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:

> Seems like we've made a reasonable start on this project. We already
> have a few scripts written - anyone want to report progress on any 
> the others?

I have Guestbook, FFA and simple search all ready to for testing 
elsewhere - I'll package and upload them somewhere this evening.

I looked at wwwboard as well and discovered that I had got as far as 
making it strict and use CGI.pm so whover is working on that can have 
my work in progress if they want :)

> What we need now is to start to impose some structure on the 
> Here are a few ideas:
> * CVS Repository (on Penderel?)
> * Testing both our versions and the originals on as many platforms 
> possible. Ensuring that our scripts do the same thing as Matt's.
> * Licensing. Matt has a huge great license on all of his scripts. We
> should replace it with the standard "under the same tersm as Perl
> itself" statement.
> * Copyright. All the scripts (and the HTML pages) have Matt's 
> We should change that to ours.
> * HTML. Most of the scripts have associated HTML pages. I've not 
> at them yet, but judging by the HTML I've seen in the scripts I've 
> looked at, Matt's HTML isn't much better than his Perl. I'd 
> changing all the HTML to XHTML.

I have run tidy over all of it and converted it to HTML 4 
Transitional but XHTML would be just as easy.  I can download the 
rest of the scripts and then fix the associated HTML too.
> * Bundling. Need to build gzipped tarballs of our new versions (I 
> this should be built on top of the CVS stuff). Matt makes pkzipped
> versions avaiable as well - so should we.

This should probably done on the CVS server.

> * Web page. Need somewhere to point potential users at. Probably two
> versions - one for the developers and one for the users. This can be
> a subdirectory on london.pm.org.

Unfortunately because I am without laptop at the moment things are a 
bit difficult - I have had to press my very old machine into service.

Oh BTW are we allowing POSIX in ?  I had used that in the Guestbook 
for strftime ...

I'm obviously challenged at the moment give me a break.

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