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Sent: 22 March 2001 12:03
Subject: Re: Perl Training Courses

> On Thu, 22 Mar 2001, you wrote:
> > > The most effective debugging tool is still careful thought, coupled
> > > judiciously placed print statements. -Kernighan, 1978
> > >
> > Still my debugger of choice for most languages, my code is littered with
> > commented debug print statements.
> well .. yes .. and no ;)) ...
> around 70% of the time print is all you need. and 100% of the time it is
> perfectly possible with nothing else. But debugging tools can be very
> very good ..

Most of my programming is in ABAP, a proprietary language for SAP. It has
quite a cool debugger actually, and you can jump into it at any time and
look at code, set breakpoints and watchpoints, query tables and variables,
change variables values etc. The interface is crap, and ancient, but it

It is in fact vitally important, as a lot of the code I need to debug cannot
be changed in the QA system where I'm debugging, and some of it can't
actually be changed at all [1]


[1]slight simplifiction, but pretty much true, if there are any other SAP
people here :-)

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