* Robin Szemeti ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> it is indeed .. My Father who has knowledge of such things tells me 5
> 'large wickerwork baskets' of over ripe grapes .. but baskets, shovels ..
> the principles the same. Bigger the number, sweeter (and more honey
> coloured) the wine. As far as I know it only gos up to 5 .. but if anyone
> has a 6, I'll help them test it.

there is a large agricultural show every year in edinburgh, called -
the royal highland show (IIRC), it was here that a rather nice wine promooter
took me on ....... <gusto> the Tokai trail ! </gusto> it was basically
going from 3 upwards to 6,7,+ (can't quite remember) and its quite a journey

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