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> Just to get us back on topic ....
> I heartilly recommend Terrazaz Chardonnay, its very nice for
> a chardonnay - which reminds me of one of the most pretentious
> things i ever heard said ( i can't remember if it was on tv,
> radio or in the flesh, but i have a horrible feeling it was
> in the flesh )
> When asked what wine someone wanted, they replied `ABC'. When
> the recipient of this response said, quite naturally - `What?',
> he first person replied - `Anything But Chardonnay'.
> Now if this isn't justification to beat someone to death
> with the arm you've just ripped out of their socket i don't
> know what is.

ughh ,,, chardonay .. toilet water :)

I my favourites 'light' wines at the moment are the Mosel Valley, (Trauben
Traubach and Erden in particular) ... much under rated and often lumped
together with some very poor wines, but actually quite good, if you like
that sort of thing.

then we get on to the 'wine so sweet you could stand a spoon up in it'. I
am a complete sucker for anything from Sauternes, Lupiac, Pauliac,
Graves, Monbazilac etc.  and had a very nice Trochenbeerenauslese a
month or so ago that I reckon was just soooo good (and it should have been
too at that price) Sadly you rarely see that at a price that doesn't make
you cringe...

Also (being half  Hungarian) am rather fond of  Tokai .. 5 Putonyos of
course. Quite a different taste to most other things.

Robin Szemeti

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