I've developed this weird habit of hanging around places where less
able Perl programmers congregate and trying to distribute clues.

The latest place I've found is the BBS for readers of Liz Castro's
book. It certainly gives you some perspective[1] on her target

Here's an example response to a question (the question used 
for (;;;) loops:


Erm, My eyes keep darting to your FOR loops. For is mainly used in javascript, and 
perl doesnt handle them, mainly because of the semicolons used to split the 
operations. Instead of for, use foreach, because thats close to the perl equivalent of 
for. I'm not sure exactly what that would translate to into perl, but if you want to 
do something in a foreach loop, it would look like 

foreach $ArrayItemYouNeedToChange (@TheArray) { 
#do this 

Remember, for loops are for JS, not perl. You cant use semicolons in perl, unless 
theyre before a carriage return. 


I particularly like the last bit about where it's legal to use
semicolons in Perl.

When the original poster pointed out that there were for loops in
Castro's book, he got the response:


Hrm. I Dont really know. Email xxx@xxx Thats VulKen's email. He's the only one on this 
board thats better than me, except Liz. 


A couple of days ago I suggested that the CGI::param function was
better than someone's homegrown CGI parser (radical notion, I know!)
and got this response:


Problem with the param() is security....users can enter malicious things that'll cause 
havoc...which isnt very good at all really.... :) 


I've asked for further clarification, but none has been forthcoming.

Anyway, I didn't want to keep this delight to myself. If anyone wants
to join in my fun, the board is at:


Share & Enjoy,


[1] "Yeah, too _much_ fuckin' perspective" - name that film.

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