On Tue, 27 Mar 2001, Dave Cross wrote:
> I've developed this weird habit of hanging around places where less
> able Perl programmers congregate and trying to distribute clues.

You've also developed the bad habit of referring to them as "programmers".

> The latest place I've found is the BBS for readers of Liz Castro's
> book. It certainly gives you some perspective[1] on her target
> audience.

Yeah.... /me read it and now wants to run away fast, though it is quite

> Anyway, I didn't want to keep this delight to myself. If anyone wants
> to join in my fun, the board is at:
> <http://www.cookwood.com/cgi-bin/lcastro/perlbbs.pl>

Haven't got the time to do my standard flamey stuff, and my asbestos suit
is looking a little worn at the moment... :)


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