Dave Cross wrote:
> Heh! Go easy on them. Most of them are just harmless idiots. There are
> a couple who reckon themselves a bit tho' - and it's quite fun taking
> them down a peg or two.

I've posted a couple of things there now. A coupld of the posters seem
to have taken umbrage to Dave being the 'Daddy' now - muttering stuff
about most number of posts.

One post was a question about the new edition and whether it was going
to use strict and turn on warnings.

The other was an attempt at debugging this womans code

    "Your name is: ",$co->em($co->param('text')),".",
    "Your email is: ",$co->em($co->param('text')),".",
    "The city and state you live in:

by suggesting that possibly she didn't want all to retrieve all the
information for $co->param('text').

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