> True. Shouldn't we also need to include "should'nt" (etc.) 
> here as well? . These are trivially simple rules to teach/learn
> - so why they aren't taught (or possibly aren't learnt) says something
> about the education system and the attitude of the pupils therein.

I don't know which education system you went through, but I was taught all
this stuff at primary school. I think it's just because the pupils couln't
be beggared to learn it properly (as you suggest), preferring to subscribe
to the "well, you know what I mean" school of thought. 

I think this could be related to the (deja) suggestion that coders have to
pay a lot of attention to syntax and format in their work, and tend to bring
the same approach to writing english. Designers, however ...

I remember last year I helped a designer chum of mine subscribe to (void),
because I thought he might bring an interesting perspective to some of the
discussions. I then promptly unsubbed because of "stuff". When I came back,
I found out that he'd only wanted to witter, not argue and

formatted his emails

bit      like this.

and generally pissed people off. He still writes mails like that, all dreamy
and rightbrain.

"'scuse me trooper, will you be needing any packets today?
hey, baby, don't be pulling on my socket, okay?"

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