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> > I'm not sure I'll be able to make it though - I've got things to prepare
> > for this talk at GLLUG on Saturday.
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> Details? Location? URL?


>The next GLLUG meeting will be on Saturday 7th April 2001, between 2
>6pm.  New venue this time, we will be at the
>        CFC Preview Theatre,
>        19-23 Wells St.,
>        London W1,
>not too far from the Plaza Centre in Oxford Street.  For a handy map,
>take a look
>For your edutainment, we hope to have the following talks on the day.
>Martin Ling - "Wireless networking with Linux and the Consume.net
>Martin will provide an overview of wireless networking support in
>and explain how one can use low cost hardware to join in a spreading,
>decentralized and independent network being established through the
>consume.net project. If you already have wireless hardware, feel free
>bring it along and join in the fun.
>John Hearns - "Computers Go to the Movies".
>It is a general introduction to the work of our host FrameStore, a
>production movie house in Soho.  He'll cover the equipment, computing
>and networking used for special effects and 3D animation work.
>Richard Moore (IBM) - "Dynamic Probes"
>Richard will tell us how to use IBM's DProbes with Opersys' Linux
>Toolkit  to provide a universal (dynamic) tracing capability for
>It is universal because it provides a common tracing mechanism for
>executables whether in user or kernel space. It is dynamic because
>tracepoints are defined and applied dynamically to object modules as
>probepoints using DProbes - no source code modification is required.
>for a taster of things to come.


Now if only someone would do a community news letter to cover this stuff...

I've seen Johns talk at SAGE-WISE and its a good one. 


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