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And of course, the best English speakers are probably the Scots and
> the Welsh. Discuss!
I'm not so sure about the Welsh you know ;-)

Re. the Scots, me apart, it depends on which part of Scotland. Some of the
clearest and most pleasant English speaking to be heard is among the
highlanders, many of whom ordinarily use Gaelic where possible. In other
areas, e.g. some parts of Glasgow, the language might as well be Gaelic as
far as southerners are concerned(viz. Rab C. Nesbitt - I'm sure a lot of his
witticisms are lost on those unfamiliar with Glaswegian vernacular). Even
so, there are plenty of call centres in and around Scottish towns and cities
- in part because of the perceived benefits of Scots accents.

On the subject of Glasgow, did any of you see the episode of Chewin' the Fat
(a sketch show akin to Naked Video) with the sketch of a couple of
Dixons-a-like shop assistants insisting to a customer that she needs an
extended warranty on the batteries she's buying? Hilarious stuff - ending,
of course, with the offer of an extended warranty on a carrier bag :-)


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