> <soapboax>
> Wrong. There was a concerted effort by the loony left to destroy
> decent education in favour of whatever trendy piffle that was the
> order of the day.
Oy! That's my family (lefty teachers) you're talking about! I went through
the state comprehensive system and was never touched by these so-called
"trendy teaching methods". And my Dad was one of these apparently "loony
left teachers".

> I had to unlearn the reading I knew before I went to school in favour
> of some stupid phonetic system (anyone remember ITA?)

Nope, never heard of it. I learned to read proper english, as did everyone
else I know who was schooled at that time. I have never exerienced these
bizarre approaches you mention.
> I'm as liberal as anyone here as far as creativity, expression,
> society and the rest go, but there are certain fundamentals that you
> need before you can go out and break the rules. 

And that's exactly the education I got, from the state system, during the
seventies, with loony teachers. It appears we had *radically* different
experiences of the education system, Dave. I guess YMV.


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