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Dave said:


>Wrong. There was a concerted effort by the loony left to destroy
>decent education in favour of whatever trendy piffle that was the
>order of the day.

>I had to unlearn the reading I knew before I went to school in favour
>of some stupid phonetic system (anyone remember ITA?) in 1970, finally
>culminating in a personal battle with Shirley Williams in 1975 to get
>me into one of the last remaining decent schools in Hemel. Eventually
>I was packed off to a prep school instead of a hellhole comprehensive
>and actually being stretched (I had to catch up two years _in_ two

As a child of '72 I too suffered from the phonetic system.  Sadly I moved schools in that time and could already read just fine.  I still think about the 'ae' joined thingy and shudder.

On the other hand not using decent grammar because it wasn't taught seems a bit lazy.  Admittedly I'm not the best at written words in emails but I figure most intelligent people will rise above their background as the situation dictates.

An example (although slightly irrelevant to most of you it is still appropriate) I come from Luton.  Most people who live there say "Lu'on"  (or something).  Many people have asked me over the years where I come from and don't believe me when I answer.  This is a case of using 'Standard English' instead of the quasi-cockney patois the Lutonians espouse!

Of course - I don't talk like some toff!


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