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> I habitually use the GPL, I have only recently realised how much of a pig
> it can be to keep a derived work compliant. It will now take as long to
> audit the changes made to mny derived work of mwforum as it did to do some
> of the debugging. This is a good thing and a bad thing - It does mean you
> keep more control over your work, but at the same time it means that there
> is little reward for doing a major piece of work on somebody elses code,
> even if you replace 99% of it, its still entirely their copyright and not
> yours, so you essentially hand over your moral rights to waht you have
> done.
> I could be wrong of course - buit that is how it seems.

I think you misunderstand.  YOUR code in it is still yours.  However,
because the work as a whole is a derived work from that of the original
author, he can impose conditions on how the work as a whole is distributed.
That can include mandating a particular licence for the work.

You may, if you wish, distribute parts that are entirely yours in any way
you see fit.  You can even do that in addition to having a GPLed version
of your work as part of the derived work.

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