On the one hand, they are just kids - we've all been in the land of clouded
thought, strange urges and akward changes.  However you got to wonder if
these young men are not being lulled into a warped sense of security behind
their computer screens.
In the real world, would dk and Chris really start shouting and throwing the
toys around if David had inadvertently stepped on their egos?
I blame their parents for letting them loose on the Internet.

Sam Yeung.

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Subject: More Natives

> I thought it had all blown over. Chris had even started being civil to me
> again. But over the weekend bk (who was the one who started it all) posted
> the following:
> =================
> Yea, I usually _AM_ the right one. WOW, I was wrong _1_ _fucking_ _time_.
> Ooohhh, Davey intimidates me! That's why I kill people for a job, and you
> write about perl...
> OOh, I'm scared.
> I'll shove a howitzer up _ALL_ of your asses. (Except those who defend me,
> of course)...
> Now, take yer lame ass fountain pens, and leave me alone. I'm in Hereford,
> England on business, and have _NO_ time to deal with this I'm right/your
> wrong/i kill/you write crap.
> Peace!
> Dave, your book sucks, in my opinion...
> Data munging--- bah. Munging? If you note AOL dictionary... The only
> definition is for "mung bean".
> =================
> Too many openings.... must resist urge to reply....
> Dave...
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