* at 14/05 12:16 +0100 Matthew Jones said:
> > Ah, yes. That's like "we're listening", isn't it, in response to the
> > fuel crisis? We're not going to do anything, but we're happy 
> > to listen.
> That narked me about the fuel protestors. They claimed "the government
> aren't listening". "Listen" ne "cave in to the selfish demands of a few
> protestors who happen to be holding the nation to ransom" (unwittingly in
> cahoots, some say, with the oil companies).

mmm, some of it was selfishness although for the rural (and when i say
rural i don't mean the home counties) types the cose of fuel really is
a big issue. if you live 30 miles from the nearest major shopping
centre then the cost of fuel really is an issue.

it's a tricky one as there are clearly any number of idiots who
persist in driving to work in london who should be taxed to the hilts
but you have to do it in a way that targets them and not people who
_have_ to use a car. which more or less means congestion charges.
> You can listen and still say "no". 

aka the first rule of dealing with marketing departments :)


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