On Wed, 16 May 2001, Greg McCarroll wrote:

> I don't think Perl 6 can be a tremendous leap forward, not because
> of RFC's along the lines of `Perl must stay Perl', but because
> the next leap forward is VisualPerl which will be as much about
> IDE as core language. Now lets not get hung up on the IDE bit
> of that statement, its more about how people build programs
> than the interface they use, the IDE merely focuses them towards
> a certain methodology of building software.

Greg, I was wondering if you've used Glade with Perl.  I think it's
everything that VisualBasic is.  It allows you very simple access to the
vast range of really complex components and provides very simple access to
the code both via generated 'only edit me if you know what you're doing'
code and 'ignore the rest of the program and just write what you
want me to do when you  click here' callbacks.

This of course comes with all the advantages and disadvantages of such an
approach.  It's very easy and quick to build a GUI that functions well and
stops you making so many GUI bloopers, but it's a very fixed approach that
doesn't lend itself to too much dynamic GUI creation.



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