On Sat, 02 Jun 2001, Greg McCarroll wrote:

> > > Heh, I haven't done Morrising for ages. Count me in!
> > 
> > < mental image of Greg and Piers, having had a few pints, lurching
> > towards each other in a corner dance singing 'hey ho fiddle eye ho' and
> hey! you won't catch me performing some stupid historic ceremony, no siree.
> however i could be persuaded to drink a lot[1] and demand to walk a 
> stretch of road with a bit of orange material round my neck and a little
> velvet apron round my waste - now thats a proper tradition! ;-) 

I thought it was tying a piece of electrical flex around your kneck and
putting an orange in your mouth .. or is that a different tradition?

but I digress ... you've just reminded me of the Ali G episode when he
visited Belfast ...

' ... what about if it was The Corrs ... all of them' ? 

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