On Tue, 05 Jun 2001, Chris Heathcote wrote:
> on 4/6/01 11:29 pm, Chris Benson wrote:
> > OTOH It makes Nildram's gbp2000 p.a. including 15mins of technician/day to
> > do whatever you need seem very good value.
> I have one of those. Nildram couldn't be more helpful. I've even had to
> visit my box on occasion (ok, so they're in Aylesbury, but it's only an hour
> away from London by train). As long as you've got a reasonable request,
> they're happy to fulfill it.

so thats another big vote for Nildram then ..

> When I had an FM server at Easynet, tape changing was considered part of the
> package as well.

yeah .. the bit that irked me is we never so much as even ring up and
annoy them, we haven't even had to have our reset button pressed once in
a years hosting ..and when you ask for a tape change once a month its 15
bleedin' quid .. grrrr .. 

I'd sort of accepted that when:
them 'we'll start charging 15 quid a month from the 1st of june' 
me 'no .. the 1st of july .. the June tapes already in, and we did that
them  'we could just take your tape out till the 1st of july ...'

> 15 quid a shot sounds expensive to me - 15 quid a week is sort of
> justifiable if it is a dirt-cheap host.

hmm .. we're trying to justify a move to 5gb a month .. at which point
Nildram sounds like a cheaper option. ... is Aylesbury nice?

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