On Tue, 05 Jun 2001, Dave Hodgkinson wrote:

> > > Question - how much data you got?
> > tar.gzedded it comes to about 700 megs .. pour quoi?
> why arse with tapes when you can mirror?

we did consider that .. and prior to 'arsing with tapes' that what we dun
.. but it was eating at a not inconsderable rate into our meagre bandwidth
allowance ... I take the point though ...

looking over the logs the incrementals each day amount to around 20 megs
.. thats 20 megs * 30 days = 600 megs .. thats quite a chunk out
of a 2gb  monthly bandwidth allowance.

ahh .. by 'localnet' I guess you meant the 'localnet' at the colo
facility .. in which case I suspect they'd charge us more than 15 quid
just fo rhaving a non-internetted box their on the shlef .. and part of
the goodness of tapes is that you can at least move em easily off site
incase of damage by fire/flood/vampires/cleavage

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