2016-09-15 13:06 GMT-04:00 Bruno MORAZZONI <brunomorazz...@mac.com>:
> Hello Clément,
> Sorry about that, I will try to stick with the registered one.
> Do you know if there is a way to see what LSC does right after displaying
> "Starting sync for MySyncTask" ?
> I left the program running yesterday and it ended with the following logs:
> sept. 15 16:29:34 - INFO  - Starting sync for MySyncTask
> sept. 15 17:29:34 - INFO  - All entries: 1, to modify entries: 0,
> successfully modified entries: 0, errors: 0
> sept. 15 17:29:34 - INFO  - Starting clean for MySyncTask
> Si it took exactly one hour to perform the first task, and stayed stuck at
> the cleaning process.
> It looks like LSC is expecting something from the destination LDAP but it
> does not get any answer...
> Since I am not able to access logs on this server, it will probably be
> difficult to troubleshoot further.

You seem to hit a timeout. By default, LSC close a task after 3600
seconds. You can reduce this with -i option.

For example to wait for only 60s, do :
lsc -s all -c all -i 60

Now, why LSC can't contact your destination directory is another
issue. If the connection was refused, you would have a specific error
message. Here it seems that LSC tries to connect and never get answer.
Are you sure you don't have a firewall which DROP packets? Can you
connect to the directory with ldapsearch?

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