Thanks, Acee - too bad.

Very much a fan of creation of LSR. Sad that it meant moving from
two underused WG meetings to one WG meeting that does not have enough
time for new work. Reminds me of TSVWG. *sigh*

Well, i guess all i am left with is to ask LSR WG members to attend TEAS 
on monday and hope my request for slot there will be successful.  Feedback
on the proposed topology model is important for the design.


P.S.: When are requests for slots LSR@IEF102 opening up ? ;-))

On Tue, Mar 06, 2018 at 10:44:44PM +0000, Acee Lindem (acee) wrote:
> Hi Toerless,
> Unfortunately, we have a very full agenda already and are not taking 
> additional presentation for IETF 101. Additionally, you're going to need to 
> present it in TEAS anyway due to their mandate... 
> Thanks,
> Acee 
> ???On 3/6/18, 4:56 PM, "Lsr on behalf of Toerless Eckert" 
> < on behalf of> wrote:
>     Dear LSR WG chairs,
>     I am hereby requesting a slot for LSR WG @IETF101 to present subject 
> draft.
>     At the core of the proposed framework for the control plane of BIER-TE is
>     a proposed topology model for BIER-TE to allow path calculation (and other
>     consistency calculation) - distributed through the IGPs. 
>     I would like to get early feedback before we would start to work on the
>     actual encoding of this topology information into IGP LSA/LSP types.
>     Cheers
>         Toerless
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