Hi Huaimo,

> After flooding reduction is deployed in an operational (ISP) network, will we 
> be allowed to do experiments on their network? 

Some may well permit it.  Certainly in lab scenarios they may be very willing.  
It all depends on their motivation to achieve improvements.

It should be remembered that we are where we are today because some people were 
willing to work towards better technology and understood that there would be 
issues while we worked out issues with implementations. All protocols, 
features, and implementations have growing pains. We are where we are because 
we work through them.

> After an algorithm is determined/selected, will it be changed to another 
> algorithm in a short time? 

Possibly. Someone may have an insight that produces theoretical breakthrough 
and gives us a completely different algorithm. Or, more likely, someone 
discovers a catastrophic bug in an algorithm and moves to fix it.

> In some existing networks, some nodes run IGPs from one vendor, some other 
> nodes run IGPs from another vendor, and so on. Some may use normal SPF, some 
> others may use incremental SPF. It seems that we have had these cases for 
> many years. 

I’m unaware of anyone trying to get EIGRP to interoperate with IS-IS at the 
protocol level.  ;-)

I’m also unaware of anyone trying to implement anything other than SPF.

And that’s what I think you’re proposing…


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