Some comments on this draft:

1. The size of network is increasing, but it is becoming more flat. Is it the 
right direction to make the network more hierarchical? 

2. More hierarchical network means the traffic will also be traversed in 
hierarchical way, is it more efficient?

3. Is there any other methods to scale out the IS-IS deployment?



Best Regards.


Aijun Wang

China Telecom


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发送时间: 2019年8月12日 22:33
主题: [Lsr] LSR Working Group Adoption Call for "Hierarchical IS-IS" - 


This begins a two week LSR Working Group Adoption Poll for the "Hierarchical 
IS-IS" - draft-li-lsr-isis-hierarchical-isis-01. The poll will end at 12:00 AM 
UTC on August 27th, 2019. Please indicate your support of objection on this 
list prior to the end of the adoption poll.




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