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> They really ought to contact their college support folks. Soest, CBA.
> Coll of Ed, trop AG, med school, all have their own internal it
> support.
> Brian chee

As I am sure you are aware, Brian, support for free software is spotty
across the UH system.  I have "tech support" people that want to help
me use my iWhatever, for teaching! And they are definitely hostile to
free software. 

Your advice is of course correct, this is the first place they should
go.  But the fact is that most of UH's IT is occupied by people with
MSCEs,  and that is not only sad, it is positively evil.   Where should
they go when offical support has been taken over by the enemy?  

[Side note:  is anyone interesting in reviving LUAU?  Not on any grand
scale, just having meetings once in a while, some resources on-line for
the islands, and so forth?  Proposals are welcome!]


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