Jeff Mings wrote:
Interesting question about reviving LUAU, James.

    I attended LUAU meetings back when they were held in the Manoa
Innovation Center.  I remember how things were mostly interesting, but I
realize that the way we seek information and collaborate has changed

    Most of the LUAU list subscribers are probably very good at finding the
info they need about new stuff.  We tend to be the ones who furnish answers
and solutions to our clients, and are used to googling info, supporting our
users/clients via remote control, and managing servers that we've never
even touched.  We don't need the physical meetings as much, and we tend to
interact with other Linux users on an international scale, rather than in
our own town.

    Having monthly LUAU meetings could be interesting, but I'm not really
sure how many people would show up on a regular basis.  We've all become
too good at working in the virtual world.  :)

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Brian Chee <> wrote:

They really ought to contact their college support folks. Soest, CBA.
Coll of Ed, trop AG, med school, all have their own internal it

Brian chee
As I am sure you are aware, Brian, support for free software is spotty
across the UH system.  I have "tech support" people that want to help
me use my iWhatever, for teaching! And they are definitely hostile to
free software.

Your advice is of course correct, this is the first place they should
go.  But the fact is that most of UH's IT is occupied by people with
MSCEs,  and that is not only sad, it is positively evil.   Where should
they go when offical support has been taken over by the enemy?

[Side note:  is anyone interesting in reviving LUAU?  Not on any grand
scale, just having meetings once in a while, some resources on-line for
the islands, and so forth?  Proposals are welcome!]


James Andy Stroble
Leeward Community College
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Aloha Guys...

I was in LUAU in the days when Jeff and Warren were and we had meetings at several venues that were well attended. I think that after-work traffic buildup in Honolulu contributed to the fade out of the live meetings. It would be interesting to have a revival meeting at Leeward College perhaps. Just to see who shows up.

My involvement is in networking and FreeBSD Unix mostly and help is from the FreeBSD group world wide on line. The only live meeting I have been to in the last 6 years is one in Chana Crete (Greece) . Went there on a visit and the local Unix /Linux club invited me to a meeting. The language is (mostly ) English btw, same as on line.


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