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Lastly, that call for an on island consultant was filled by one of my
> students...so even though I couldn't help him on SOEST time, we did
> find him on campus help.
‚ÄčAs of 12:55 HST yesterday, Seowon, the current administrator at the
College of Education, had seen the video of the boot issue and diagnosed
the problem. The researcher was trying to mount two remote directories from
a server that was not turned on. Pretty much cake. He was left with
directions on how to use Pico, his cursor, and the CTRL key to edit
/etc/fstab. He was also asked to turn on the remote server.

From Chris Stark to Stephan Fabel to Seowon Jung, the pro-foss
administrators at UH's College of Education are beacons for community
service. Paul McKimmy is to be commended for all he has done to sustain

If the person you contacted can help, then that would be great, Brian. I
believe that Seowon is able to at a community level, though.

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> >
> > [Side note:  is anyone interesting in reviving LUAU?  Not on any grand
> > scale, just having meetings once in a while, some resources on-line for
> > the islands, and so forth?  Proposals are welcome!]

You guys really should start getting together again. ‚ÄčThe LUAU meetings,
the HOSEF workshops, and now Maker Spaces all scratch the perpetual
learning itch by providing mentorship, inspiration, and confidence to
people new to technology and wanting human interaction to cross the
adaptation divide. Yesterday's 'how do I get X11 to work on my PC' is
today's 'how do I use PfSense, FreeNAS, or get my CAD drawings printed in
3D.' I think you have some kind of Maker Space on island now, and surely
they would host meetings of your clever minds.

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