Very informative, thank you
> On Mar 24, 2020, at 11:41 AM, Bill Eisele <> wrote:
> Unfortunately, the problem you're describing is caused by latency over the 
> internet.  So, teleconferencing apps like FaceTime, Zoom, and Skype won't 
> allow you to play with other musicians.  It will definitely sound like 
> cacophony as you described.  Here's a good article describing the problem:  
> There are some workarounds for this in the form of certain apps and devices.  
> The problem is that if the app or device is intended to minimize latency and 
> the further you are away from the other musicians and the slower your 
> connection speeds, the more latency you will experience.  But it may be worth 
> a try in these difficult times to connect with others to play duets and 
> beyond.  Here are the apps listed in the article above:
> (a separate desktop device is recommended)
> (this app doesn't appear to deal directly with 
> latency)
> (this app appears to upload individual musician 
> tracks, mixes them and then downloads the mixed result as a single track to 
> each collaborator)
> (their website doesn't seem 
> to be active)
> I have only had limited experience with JamKazam without the recommended 
> device trying to play duets with a friend in our town and I quickly gave up 
> on it.  My internet speed is relatively slow so without the device I was 
> probably hindered in my ability to use the app.  It would be a good idea to 
> search on the internet to see how successful these apps are before spending 
> much time with any one of them.
> Hope this helps,
> Bill Eisele

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