On 01.10.16 01:34, Craig Sanders via luv-main wrote:
> anyway, systemd's borging of every function it possibly can will inevitably
> lead to the death of innovation in linux and bring about a software
> monoculture (nothing will be able to compete with it because in order to do
> so, a competitor will have to replicate and replace every thing it does, not
> just be better at one or two things). and moncultures are *always* unhealthy.
> In short, the price for systemd's one or two nice (but not unique) features is
> far too high.
> that's my position on systemd anyway, and it seems not an uncommon one.


(Though I'm not sure that systemd's rapacious appetite for monolithic
hegemony does a lot more than stultify its own development. In any
ecological niche, more agile competitors will tend to gain ascendancy. I
look forward to that, and will do what I can to avoid systemd - as I
would any unwieldy dinosaur. If that involves avoiding gnome, then
that's no loss.)

Apropos the editor references upthread, I fell into Vi from CREDIT,
capitalised because AFAIR there was no lower case. It was used on
Intel 8080-powered "Blue-box" microprocessor development systems with
all of _two_ 720k 8" floppy drives, one for the OS, and one for the
user stuff. It behaved rather like Vi's ED commands, IIRC. And, of
course, Vi is also a dinosaur, displaced by Vim with "nocompatible"

The coming and passing of systemd will in hindsight be seen as a storm
in a teacup, I suspect. (Not comparable with the couple of hours after
noon on Sunday, here in the Dandenongs. From my windows I saw three 1m
diameter Redgum treetops/branches snap and plunge up to 30m, crashing
resoundingly in the gully immediately opposite. The neighbour's house
and carport were hit by another three trees, and two others within 200m
were partially demolished by trees up to 1.2m in diameter. In all, over
20 trees down along and adjacent to the street. Just as we had half the
street cleared with our chainsaws before there was any sight of SES
crews, I expect that the Linux community is not wholly dependent on DDs
for the preferred init solution(s). Heck, even electricity can be done
without for a while, cooking pasta on the wood heater by the light of a
row of candles.)

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