Hi Andrew,

Some months ago I had a raid crash on a Synology server. I was unable to rescue the array but was able to get all the photo's (thousands) and videos  using Photorec.  Have you considered using something like this if it is only the photo's you are needing? I made a backup image on another drive  and used that so that the original disk was still available.



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Hi Ed,
I use my SSD for quicker processing and then when my work is done I move the RAW files to my RAID drives and make copy to an external 3TB, my images once exported as proofs and full size images are copied to the RAID drives and Google Drive, and the external hard drive. But I was in the middle of a project when it went down. My RAW files are still on sda3..
Bugger. Its a pregnancy shoot, too late now to reshoot.

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