On 2016-09-19, Scott Kostyshak wrote:

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> If I try to compile fr/beamer.lyx to PDF (XeTeX) (using the default TeX
> fonts) I get the following LyX error:

>   Could not find LaTeX command for character 'é'. It is suggested to
>   change the document encoding to utf8.

This is a very outdated suggestion (and should either be removed or updated).

In most cases, it only helps to change the encoding to utf8, if you also
define new Unicode character bindings in the user-preamble.

Furthermore, with XeTeX and 8-bit TeX fonts, the encoding is ascii - no
other encoding works with this combination!

Normally, the é is converted by lib/unicodesymbols to \'{e} and all is fine.

> This error is from a 'é' in a comment (in ERT):
> %Pour illustrer le différence entre decouvert et visible:

ERT is a special case - it is up to the user to ensure proper working.

> Should the encoding be change?



* change the comment from ERT to comment
* invert the test (we already have several cases of inverted:ERT)


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