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OK, so how can I keep the temp files created by ctest?
I would like to inspect e.g. files in the lyx-tmpdir.

1.) You _can_ keep files used by ctest.
        Edit development/autotests/export.cmake
        Comment line 182, e.g.
                #execute_process(COMMAND ${CMAKE_COMMAND} -E remove_directory 
        This prevents deleting temp files. OTOH, you have take care to remove 
then occasionally.
        After running a test, search for newest directory

So I was able to check that there are no differences between the filtered file and the original one:

$diff /ext/lyx/cbuildmaster/autotests/out-home/AbC_ACm_tL/latex/Unicode-characters/001-4-latin-utf8_pdf2_defaultF.lyx /ext/lyx/master/autotests/export/latex/Unicode-characters/001-4-latin-utf8.lyx

But I found out where the problem stems from: if I open the 001-4-latin-utf8_pdf2_defaultF.lyx file with lyx2.3, all is fine, I see in the preamble


But if I specify a userdir as in the cmake command, I get a pop-up with a warning about the class not being found, and the preamble reads:


This explains the search for OT1 fonts, and thus the failure of the test.

The userdir is

$ ls  /ext/lyx/cbuildmaster/Testing/.lyx
bibFiles.lst chkconfig.ltx chklayouts.tex configure.log kbd packages.lst styFiles.lst ui bind chkconfig.vars chkmodules.tex doc layouts packages.lst.tmp templates wrap_chkconfig.log bstFiles.lst chklatex.log clipart examples lyxmodules.lst scripts textclass.lst wrap_chkconfig.ltx cache chklatex.ltx clsFiles.lst images lyxrc.defaults session textclass.lst.tmp

I do not see a reason to explain the loss of T1 encoding, I will try to find a dbg option to investigate.

Maybe I should rebuild the cbuildmaster dir from scratch?


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