> Am Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2016 um 09:39:29, schrieb Jean-Pierre
> Chrétien <jeanpierre.chret...@free.fr>

> > 
> > Maybe I should rebuild the cbuildmaster dir from scratch?
> > 
> I think, cleaning Testing/.lyx should be OK. 

OK, I did it, and the failing tests (due to the userdir problem) now pass.
But I still have failing tests, this time because of missing textalpha.sty 
package in my TeXLive distribution.
This is a bit surprising, as textalpha was put in CTAN early this year, and my 
TeXLive 2016 was installed last June.

So I will update TeXLive as soon as I get Internet back on my Linux box. I 
understand this this is necessary before running ctest.

I did also run ctest both with master and branch with command

$ctest -R pdf2

and I find about 150 fails over about 350 tests in both cases. Is that normal ?
More generally, is there somewhere on trac a file containing the list of tests 
currently failing (perhaps not the 5000 tests available, but e.g the pdf2 tests
as I tried here)?


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