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>> Am Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2016 um 09:39:29, schrieb Jean-Pierre
>> Chrétien <jeanpierre.chret...@free.fr>

>> > 
>> > Maybe I should rebuild the cbuildmaster dir from scratch?
>> > 

>> I think, cleaning Testing/.lyx should be OK. 

> OK, I did it, and the failing tests (due to the userdir problem) now
> pass. But I still have failing tests, this time because of missing
> textalpha.sty package in my TeXLive distribution. This is a bit
> surprising, as textalpha was put in CTAN early this year, and my
> TeXLive 2016 was installed last June.

textalpha.sty is on CTAN since 2013 as part of "greek-fontenc".

> So I will update TeXLive as soon as I get Internet back on my Linux
> box. I understand this this is necessary before running ctest.

Yes, while LyX does not require textalpha, it is necessary to support Greek
Unicode characters in any language.

You can also just ignore the test with "greek" and "greek-extended" Unicode
characters. This is what I do with Chinese and Japanese tests...

Alternatively, you can fix http://www.lyx.org/trac/ticket/9637
and remove \usepackage{textalpha} from the user-preamble of the "Greek" tests.


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