The wiki has "InterLinks", which is simply a convenient way to refer to
certain web pages.
For instance, this markup


is automatically converted into this link

Similarly, there's prefixes like LyxDevelPost and LyxUsersPost which were
used to refer to gmane.org. Unfortunately gmane.org doesn't seem to contain
the LyX lists anymore :-(

I just now tested repointing the prefix "LyxDevelPost" from gmane.org to
mail-archive.com, so e.g.this currently works:   LyxDevelPost:200333

There's a problem though... it seems the IDs of posts, i.e. the number, is
different for gmane.org versus mail-archive.com. My repointing would
therefore mean that a pre-existing link into gmane.org "evolved" from
initially working fine, to not working at all, to suddenly pointing to the
wrong post in mail-archive.com. *sigh*

A lesson learned here is that perhaps we should avoid referring to posts on
e.g. the devel list.

But the question is what to do now.  Perhaps use a different, and unused,
prefix for devel-posts on mail-archive.com?


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