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> It is not, it only make things worse. Every dialog can cause confusions. You
> are only looking from your professional view and I failed to make this
> clear.

I could be wrong on this, but I thought that I brought up the idea that
the dialog could bring confusion before you did (unless I missed an


I definitely agree that every additional dialog is an additional
possibility for confusion. I think where we disagree is on the benefit
that the dialog could bring.

> Can't you see that the majority doesn't know what a package is? Most
> of my students and colleagues didn't know this but were able to write their
> master or Ph.D. thesis with LyX.
> Therefore giving users a choice they don't understand is a problem. What is
> if they deny to install LyX, continue using LyX 2.2.x and screw up their
> MiKTeX?
> Who has a chance to fix a broken package or similar? Those who know what a
> package is. These guys have the knowledge to forbid any update if they like
> to and the installer lets them do this. Average users would be lost with
> their screwed-up LaTeX. Therefore I made my decision.

I have thought about this, and I don't think the dialog will lead to
such problems. Further, several others have agreed that this is not a

> I think you should respect that the guy who builds the installer and
> provides support in case of a problem with it has good reasons. We spoke
> about the topic, I red your arguments but stay with my decision. It is my
> spare time in case of problems so I am the one risking something. I thought
> about it a lot to be as safe as possible for most users.

I do not like this talk of respect (and before, of trust). I respect you
very much. You have given so much of your time to LyX, and you have
spent so much time on parts of LyX that are not fun (e.g. documentation
and supporting users) because you know how important it is for the
users. I also trust you. But we are a team and we make decisions as a
team. Going with the decision of the team has nothing to do with respect
or trust.

> I explained now in a dozen mails my decision. Feel free to add whatever you
> like in the release notes. Feel also free not to announce the Win installer
> officially or not to put it in ftp.lyx.org.

> Let's end the debate. Please make your decision and let's focus in LyX
> 2.3.1.

Since you are the only one that supports not having a dialog, and
everyone else (who has expressed an opinion) agrees that a dialog would
be beneficial, my decision is that we should add the dialog.

I ask that you respect the opinion of the group and that you add the
dialog. I know you have already spent so much time on this, and I am
sorry to ask you to do something that you do not want to do, but that is
the decision of the group.

Every one of us has been in the situation where we think we are right
and the rest of the group is wrong. But it's important to understand
that we must make decisions as a team.


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