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I think the sections in Additional.lyx about obsolete document classes
should be removed. I propose the create a new LyX file in Git's attic folder
which will contain the deleted sections.
When you delete the sections, please do t for all language versions of
Additional.lyx in branch an master.

Jean-Pierre, did you finish the work that you planned on 2.3.x regarding

I'm almost done with the documentation part, I have edited all Additional.lyx files and moved AGUTeX.lyx in templates/obsolete. I see that I should have put an original version of Additional.lyx in the attic, I will do it with appropriate LyX notes.

I'm going to delete jgrga.layout and agums.layout, which were used by pre-2008 agutex.cls and reused by aguplus.cls (which is still in TeXLive, but obsolete in CTAN, so I think it will not be part anymore of TeXLive2018). aguplus (1999) was in turn obsoleted by post-2008 agutex.cls, which included jgrga and agums (and others) as class options coded in the class file instead of external .sty files.

Currently, here I can compile successfully AGUTeX.lyx which used agutex.layout and post-2008 agutex.cls, that I have installed in my texmf-local tree in 2013 when it was available.

As it is now impossible to find the agutex.cls class (agujournal.cls is the current AGU class), the template/obsolete/AGUTeX.lyx can only be compiled if one has kept the class file in one's texmf-local tree, and this only for the sake of recreation of the pdf of an old paper, any new paper needing agujournal.

So should I remove also template/obsolete/AGUTeX.lyx? What is the compilation status of other obsoleted templates?

As for EGS, I'm going to remove egs.layout as well, the class is obsolete since 2001, and there is no template.

I do not think that it is feasible to build a layout and template for the new agujournal.cls and copernicus.cls classes for 2.3.0, it will involve strings changes.

The AGUTeX wiki page


is completely out of date for Linux, I will edit that also.


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