Am 10.03.2015 um 17:45 schrieb Kelly <>:

>> To see more descriptive error messages enable debug output for "Files 
> used by LyX".
>> To do so you have to:
>> 1. Enable the message pane - go to the View menu and select "Messages 
> Pane"
>> 2. There you'll see the log window. At the right you select the 
> "Settings" Tab.
>> 3. Choose the "Selected" option at the left and then "Files used by 
> LyX" at the right.
>> 4. Go back to "Output" tab to watch the log messages while working 
> with LyX.
>> Stephan
> Hi Stephan,
> Thanks for your suggestion. I did as you said and "Files used by LyX" 
> are now set to Yes for debug messages. However, the message it is 
> showing in the Output pane gives no further detail than the pop-up box! 
> ("Auto-edit file  "file path" failed (time stamp) Automatic save done. 
> Error: Cannot edit file")  Any further help is welcome.

Hi Kelly,

please copy the contents of the output pane and send a mail with it.


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