On Wed, May 6, 2015 at 2:26 PM, Ygo Kanaki <x...@galama.net> wrote:
> The main reason why me and my colleagues switched from  MS-Word to Lyx is the
> problems we had with all the different Office versions, and problem we had
> opening Word-files in OpenOffice, etcetera. That was why we use Lyx.
> Today I get a .lyx file from a colleague with a Mac. I try to open the Lyx
> file, and I get this error message:
> "/mnt/sda1/Dropbox/lithouse_shared_folder/Offers quotes prospects that we are
> working on/Jolly_X/20150506/offer_27.11.2013.lyx is from a newer version of
> LyX and the lyx2lyx script failed to convert it."
> So I try to update my Lyx on Ubuntu 14.04 to a later version, but there is
> nothing to update. I have the most recent version (2.0.6 from April 2013)
> while my colleague has from November 2014. I am out of luck.
> We're on Openoffice again. :(

I can understand your frustration, Ygo. But in order to develop new
features and improve LyX, we need this flexibility.

Since you're on Ubuntu, you can get the latest version of LyX from the PPA:



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