Several months ago when we were using lyx 2.1.*, the expression

/LyX Document
"-*rw-r‑‑r‑‑ *newbie users 277 Jan 7 14:42 .asoundrc"  exported
correctly to an html file.

We are now working with lyx 2.2.2. The same export gives this result,
"-/rw-r\SpecialChar nobreakdash\SpecialChar nobreakdashr\SpecialChar nobreakdash\SpecialChar nobreakdash /newbie users 277 Jan 7 14:42 .asoundrc"

The double hypen is not being recognised, it is a legitimate piece of code.

This happened when exporting to html. An export to Lyx html does
give a correct result. Something has changed. We have checked the
Lyx dependencies to see if anything in LateX or LiveteX was missing,
but nothing apparent.

Where are we missing something?

Gordon Cooper
MX-Linux Documentation Team.
Tauranga, N.Z.

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