On 14/11/16 07:46, Scott Kostyshak wrote:
On Mon, Nov 14, 2016 at 07:43:10AM +1300, gordon cooper wrote:

We are using the converters available from File>Export within Lyx. Something
changed there perhaps?
Many of those converters use external tools. For example when you export
to PDF (pdflatex), LyX calls the program "pdflatex". When you export to
HTML, LyX calls usually the program "htlatex" I believe. If the version
of the htlatex changed on your system, this would explain it. Note that
LyX does not control the version of external tools (except in some
specific cases on Windows I think).


P.S. Please respond to the list.
Sorry, thought I had replied to the list, had one ear on the radio and not,
concentrating. A big quake down country in the early hours. My in-box
currently has over 150 reports of after-shocks.

Have not intentionally changed any of the tools but one of our team may have
picked up a new version when he packaged Lyx 2.2.2 for the MX-Linux repository.


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