On Sun, Nov 13, 2016 at 07:39:29PM +1300, gordon cooper wrote:
> /
> Several months ago when we were using lyx 2.1.*, the expression
> /LyX Document
> "-*rw-r‑‑r‑‑ *newbie users 277 Jan 7 14:42 .asoundrc"  exported
> correctly to an html file.
> We are now working with lyx 2.2.2. The same export gives this result,
> "-/rw-r\SpecialChar nobreakdash\SpecialChar nobreakdashr\SpecialChar
> nobreakdash\SpecialChar nobreakdash /newbie users 277 Jan 7 14:42 .asoundrc"
> The double hypen is not being recognised, it is a legitimate piece of code.
> This happened when exporting to html. An export to Lyx html does
> give a correct result. Something has changed. We have checked the
> Lyx dependencies to see if anything in LateX or LiveteX was missing,
> but nothing apparent.

That uses an external tool to do the export. What is your converter for
it? htlatex? Perhaps it is a new version?


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