This is precisely what I was saying.  Rather than have everything hidden in a 
file as MS Word does, simply put the needed graphics files in a folder shared 
with you lyx document.  No special file formats are needed.  I agree, I hate MS 
On Jul 28, 2017, at 10:02 AM, Joe <<>> wrote:

It would appear that on Jul 28, Hobbs,Tom did say:

Goodness gracious. Just put everything in a folder and send that, which is
precisely what MS Word does without you knowing it.

It would appear that on Jul 28, Roberto did say:

On 28/07/2017 04:07, Hobbs,Tom wrote:
which is precisely what MS Word does without you knowing it.
and that is precisely what I do not want to know about and I am bothered by :)

Pardon me for jumping in here. I use LyX primarily because it is NOT like MS 
Word or
other WYSIWYG word processors. In which environment I can't keep track of what 
doing without some feature I don't want automatically messing with what I'm 

Well that and the way it keeps me from accidentally fat fingering extra spaces 
words and a few other such things so that I can concentrate on what I'm writing
instead of how it looks.

Please please please don't make LyX more like Word. Please!

Joe <<>>

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