On 29/07/2017 13:39, Annaert Jan wrote:
Despite my pleas, some of my colleagues have already shied away from using LyX because of these unnecessary hurdles,

In 13 years of using LyX and after tens of scientific papers written I have never managed to convince collaborators to use LyX, why? because they know how to use LaTeX and prefer to go low-level, then git, make, blah blah ...

In the same 13 years of using LyX I have tried a number of times to get normal people (yes they exist! be aware of them, they are the majority!) to use LyX in place of other WYSIWYG like OpenOffice or MS Word. Well they shied away, as you say, because LyX still bears some traces of the low-level coding world of LaTeX. To me this is a good feature, because I love to be able to embed some LaTeX here and there, to really get the document I want down to the tiniest detail, but there also should be a way of using LyX that targets the opposite side of the spectrum of users, those who want to do cut and paste of their pictures (a features that appeared some years back as far as I can remember) and forget about where the pictures are stored. Possibly they will use LyX to paste and forget the images of their cat and then they will send it as an attachment to you, but that is another story ... :)

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