On 03/11/2018 01:05 PM, Michael Berger wrote:
> Thanks Uwe and Kornel,
> I am somewhat puzzled. My son sent me a LyX document produced on his
> Windows laptop.
> I opened it with LyX under Linux but got heaps of errors when trying
> to compile it to PDF.
> What am I getting wrong here?
> Sorry, I am just an ordinary layman!

Probably you do not have certain packages installed, though I gather
that MiKTeX is
supposed to install them on the fly. In any event, if you can post the
errors you are
getting, then we can help. Go to Document> LaTeX Log. You can either cut
and paste
what's there, or hit "Open Containing Directory" and attach the *.log file.


> On 11.03.2018 17:38, Kornel Benko wrote:
>> Am Sonntag, 11. März 2018 17:30:30 CET schrieb Michael Berger
>> <id...@online.de>:
>>> Dear Lyx users,
>>> is there a way to convert a LyX document made with MikTeX (Windows)
>>> in a
>>> LyX TeXLive (Linux) document?
>>> Thanks and best,
>>> Michael
>> There should be no difference regarding lyx.
>> Documents are written by lyx, not be MikTeX or TeXLive.
>> Even exported to latex source is the same on all platforms.
>>     Kornel

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