On 03/11/2018 01:25 PM, Jean-Marc Lasgouttes wrote:
> Le 11/03/2018 à 18:09, Richard Heck a écrit :
>> On 03/11/2018 01:05 PM, Michael Berger wrote:
>>> Thanks Uwe and Kornel,
>>> I am somewhat puzzled. My son sent me a LyX document produced on his
>>> Windows laptop.
>>> I opened it with LyX under Linux but got heaps of errors when trying
>>> to compile it to PDF.
>>> What am I getting wrong here?
>>> Sorry, I am just an ordinary layman!
>> Probably you do not have certain packages installed, though I gather
>> that MiKTeX is
>> supposed to install them on the fly. 
> It is the other way round: document produced with miktex but read with
> texlive. But your advice it correct about log file is still fine!

Oh, whoops, yes. In that case, we definitely need to log file.


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