On 03/12/2018 08:12 AM, Michael Berger wrote:
> Hello Uwe, Kornel, thanks for offering your help.
> My son created this Beamer file under Windows 10 on his Laptop and
> presented it to an audience just a few days ago without facing any
> problem. However, on my desktop, Lyx 2.2.3, Mageia 6, it fails to
> convert to PDF. See below the corresponding LaTeX log file.
> I also attach my son's PDF output generated under Windows 10.

We should have asked a simpler question first: What version of LyX is
your son using?

That said, I think the problem is here:

> ****** mdframed patching \endmdf@trivlist
> ****** -- failed******

You then end up with a lot of errors that look like:

> ! LaTeX Error: \begin{list} on input line 297 ended by
> \end{beamer@framepauses} 

Possibly this could be due to different versions of the mdframed package
on the two systems,
but I do not know how of why that package is being used here, so it is
hard to say.


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