How about this:
This version of LyX needs MikTeX v. ? at least. The installer found only
earlier version of MikTeX / The installer could not find any installation
of MikTeX on your system.
And the buttons shall read 'Cancel' and 'Update MikTeX and install LyX' or
'Install MikTeX & LyX".
Perhaps it should be clear somehow that the installer updates MikTeX to the
most recent version, and tell the user what is the path of the old MikTeX
detected by installer.

PS Is there an option to have two different MikTeX versions installed on
the same system? If there is such an option, then we need an option to tell
that's path to this installer.


I mean, it should be clear that you cannot continue with old miktex, and it
should offer you the update. For the avarage user that is enough.
On the other hand, users that do not want to update their old miktex are
considered intelligent enough to get the point that this installation would
ruin their miktex habits. And if they want to get another supported miktex
version, e.g. the first supported version, they can figure out they can do
it on their own.

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